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Privacy Policy: is a recruitment news web portal, here we are providing the free services and we are appreciating our readers to subscribe to our newsletter by email. Every time a user subscribe our newsletter then he/she needs to enter the email address so a question always strikes in their mind that “Is my email is safe, the website owner could use it for promotional offers or can send it to the promotional service business owner?”, so we want to clear that we won’t use our readers email and their personal info to sending any promotional offer to them or misusing the personal info with any other way.

We believe that our readers are very important to us, so we keep their personal info safe and secure.
For any query or more info related to the privacy of personal info, our readers feel free to reach us @

Log Files: The details of log files like IP address, Browser Type, ISP details, locale details, etc. will also be safe with us and these files will automatically delete after some time so, you don’t need to be bothered with that.

Cookies: We use cookies to store the preference of users on their own browsers and this info won’t be used by us so, you never need to be in fear about the cookies.

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